The meaning of intimidating

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The meaning of intimidating

For this number we use only the consonants of your full birth name.

Just as we did previously, we take each name individually and add up and then reduce the number, only this time we omit the vowels.

You can repeat this condition, and predict the outcome (experiment or test your theory).

If not paying your bill was the problem, you can repeat that also, but it can be expensive and inconvenient!

Anti-discrimination laws also prohibit harassment against individuals in retaliation for filing a discrimination charge, testifying, or participating in any way in an investigation, proceeding, or lawsuit under these laws; or opposing employment practices that they reasonably believe discriminate against individuals, in violation of these laws.

If you have a middle name be sure to include it as well!

The personality number represents how you appear to others – what they pick up about you within a short time of observing or getting to know you.

It is a dominant personality trait or characteristic easily picked up on or perceived by those around you.

So for the name Jane you would calculate only the numbers 1 5 for J and N respectively.

*remember we never reduce master numbers (11,22 etc). Next we take the last name Doe which has only one consonant D which = 4.

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In order to understand how numbers affect us based on their location in the chart, it helps to get to know each single digit number as if it were a person.