My space dating

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My space dating

More and more My Space users are broadcasting their My Space URLs though fliers, e-mails, stickers, billboards, TV commercials, and any other method of advertising and promotion.If one of these URLs catches your eye and you can remember it, plug it into your browser, and you’ll be taken directly to that My Space user’s profile page.The service doesn't log in as you - it simply sends out a bot to grab the status info from the profile pages.Surprisingly, Dating Anyone isn't the only player in this space - a more lightweight service called Single does exactly the same thing.A typical person's Myspace page was saturated with annoying music, anime and "artistic" pictures, and the use of many quotes. Many trolling groups, such as Penis Pump, defaced My Space pages for the lulz.My Space was the cancer that brought us Boyce Avenue, a self-centered, untalented piece of whiny shit.

We see that Chris treated his My Space page the same way he treated his Sonichu website, adding more and more material over time until it became cluttered and bloated. It shows Chris in the immediate aftermath of rejection by Megan Schroeder, and the page is full of self-pity and desperation.

Chris had two accounts, presumably because he forgot the password to one of them.

His first account was "sonichu," where his name was Chris. His new account was "sonichucwc," where his name was Chris Chan.

As a web site, it's a lethargically coded piece of shit, rivaled in shittiness only by Tag World; as a concept, it is a scourge on the entire human race and the epitome of Western insolence.

If one had food poisoning and shat diarrhea followed by puking two days' worth of half-digested food on top of it, the result would be more pleasing to look at, easier to navigate, less annoying and more substantive than a typical My Space profile (especially since a puke shit mix doesn't autoplay shitty music as soon as you look at it).

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If you were on the internet circa 2005 then you probably remember Myspace Tom.

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