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There are lots of good reasons why more than one third of young adults currently live with their parents: saving money, helping to care for an aging family member, and, of course, squatter’s rights.

I myself am doing it for at least two, occasionally three, of these reasons.

He also knows how to shut doors quietly, tiptoe around the squeaky stair, and silence a barking dog.

” A week of plein-air peeing later, I remembered I hate camping and asked Will if I could use the facilities in the main house that had been built specifically for this purpose.

Ever after, every time I needed to go, he would ask, “Do you need to use thing, since they give you a chance to showcase how much you like and respect your parents.

My 28 year-old boyfriend had to move in with his parents after getting evicted from his London flat and, because he's self-employed and doesn't know where the money's coming from month to month, he couldn't casually drop a grand on a deposit.

The idea was to save up until he could move out, which is what he did. Yet when I moved back home, it was a very different story – at no point did I feel like a failure.

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When you date a girl who lives with her parents, you have to court her mother and father too, if you want to be successful.