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Dating south bend reels

Experienced lure collectors know the importance of reading and educating themselves on the subject of antique lures.

Usually it is the inexperienced or beginner collector that has not realized the importance of learning what they are purchasing or selling but after a few costly mistakes they will realize this fact.

Lures: Wooden lures, sometimes called plugs, are the mainstay of this category.

The first wooden lures in general use were made in the late 1800s, the golden age of wooden lures was from about 1915 to the 1950s. A "mint" lure, with no damage will bring far more than the same plug in average or less condition.

When I first started “tackle collecting,” I bought everything I could find.

He notes prolific reel makers, such as Pflueger and William Billinghurst, and acknowledges lesser-known craftsmen.General Information: Collecting antique fishing tackle has become very popular in the last few years. ", and "I didn't know anyone bought that old stuff".Now everywhere you turn there are collectors and dealers in old tackle.These date codes were not a part of the model number, but a way of tracking changes to the reel over time.Let’s use the Shakespeare model 1920 Wondereel as an example.

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